Sampling the Delights of Eveleigh Farmers’ Market

My domestic fantasy: a veggie patch and herb garden, fresh cut flowers in my home every week, buying artisan bread and gourmet small goods at the farmers’ market on the weekend and a chicken coop in my backyard that yields eggs so fresh that they retain their shape when I crack them.

My domestic reality: getting cold from spending too much time in the frozen food aisle at Coles and a weedy backyard littered with empty pots from a failed gardening project, now used by my neighbour’s cats to sleep (and probably poop) in.

But it’s nice to pretend right?

Eveleigh Farmers’ Market is filled with people living my fantasy, the type of people I will never be – people who actually do their grocery shopping at an organic market, with a brown paper bag filled the heirloom tomatoes and Sonoma sourdough in one hand, and a leashed and perfectly groomed canine companion in the other (Seriously, the place is like a dog show. It’s as if people come to the markets just to parade around their ridiculously cute dogs).

I’d like to say I did a good job at least faking being one of the cool crowd, but who am I kidding, I was running around taking photos of everything, getting way too excited about the free samples and probably stepped on a few puppies as well.

Anyone food-obsessed would go a bit nuts here. Everything is so colourful, fresh, unique, and judging from the dozens of samples I ate, crazy delicious.



I love how everything looked like it was JUST pulled out of the ground.



The Sonoma stand and their sexy display of plump, freshly baked croissants.


Breakfasting at Billy Kwong.


Steamed sticky rice parcels with macadamias, goji berries, warrigals and crickets. I just Googled warrigals to find out what it was and the first thing that came up was a dingo!? Did we eat DINGO without realising?? No, it appears to have been the much less exciting warrigal greens, also known as New Zealand Spinach. Wow imagine if it really was Dingo… what a sneaky way of getting Dingo into a dish, tricking people into thinking that crickets were the weirdest ingredient!


Pork belly dumplings with young ginger & organic tamari dressing.

As enticing as fusion Asian/Aussie bush tucker breakfast was, I only had eyes for Bird Cow Fish’s famous “Crooked Madame”


Two slices of buttered Sonoma country white sourdough, slices of fancy ham, Swiss gruyere, organic fried egg with golden yolk still drippy, and dijon mustard.

In other words, a ham and cheese toastie. But it’s a testament to how good a simple sandwich can be when you use the best bread and ingredients available. I challenge you to find a tastier, classier take-away breakfast!


You know its interesting that breakfast is the one meal that isn’t ever served in courses – despite it being the most important meal of the day and haven’t we all been told: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper

Can you imagine a 10 course breakfast degustation? How amazing would that be?

I mention this because we effectively had a DIY breakfast degustation at the Markets – by 10:30 am we sampled everything from organic yogurt to vintage chedder, goat’s curd, gourmet sausages, angus beef steak, ravioli with truffle cream, chocolate brownies, gourmet dips, chutneys, oils and more. At the end of the long Carriageworks warehouse, we met our final course:


Crepes! Who can resist a Nutella crepe on a crisp Saturday morning?


I may have been living under a rock but I was super excited to see crepes being made on a round hot-stone with a little rolling-pin style implement. I’ve only ever seen food court crepes made with a machine that automatically layers batter on a stainless steel hotplate.


And it comes in a cone! Everything is more fun in a cone.

We got the Karma Apple and Nutella. The caramelised apple sounded amazing, but we realised that melty Nutella in a soft, chewy crepe is basically unbeatable in the dessert stakes.

I was about the explode after the crepes, but for some of us girls, it only seemed to awaken an appetite for ice cream.


That’s not just an ordinary ice cream. It’s cookies and cream made from buffalo milk! I learnt that buffalos are good for more than just mozzarella.


The very friendly blokes at the buffalo products stall were very proud of how generous a beast the buffalo really is – and had a variety of dairy and meat goods for sale.

Some other highlights were:


A potato lover’s dream.


Beautiful florist displays.


Incredibly photogenic baskets of fruit and veg wherever you look.



That’s Kylie Kwong guys! Working hard on a Saturday morning pumping out dumplings and sticky rice! Respect. While I would have liked to have gone up to her and said “HI KYLIE YOUR FRIED RICE RECIPE CHANGED MY LIFE I LOVE YOU” I was too chicken and took a few paparazzi shots instead.

Eveleigh Markets is a really fun way to spend a Saturday morning – and there are PLENTY of things to spend your money on. I was particularly broke when I visited, but next time I go I plan to purchase some truffle cream, cured meats and maybe even some buffalo sausage.

Eveleigh Farmers’ Market 
10am-1pm Saturdays 
243 Wilson St, Darlington

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2 thoughts on “Sampling the Delights of Eveleigh Farmers’ Market

  1. FFKF says:

    nutella crepes!!!! i think i’m inspired to go there this saturday 🙂

    love your stalkery photo ;p not creepy at all…!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hey there, I am in the (slow) process of writing a post on Eveleigh Farmers’ Markets for my very new (amateur looking) blog and came across this by you. Love your opening paragraph – I am living your domestic fantasy! 🙂
    Please take a look at my blog when you have some time and tell me what you think? So far, I have only told a few very close friends about it…
    Best regards, The Hungry Chook

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