Me Gusta Pequeño Burritos

Literal translation: I like tiny tiny donkeys.

Actual translation: I luuuurve eating mini-burritos

Mini-burritos are the perfect lunch. While actual burritos tend to be the size of a small child and are guaranteed to lead to an intense food coma or a fun afternoon of burrito-flavoured burps, the innovative MINI burrito gets the balance just right. JUST big enough to fill you up without any post-lunch guilt, and tasty, meaty and heavy enough to satisfy your fatty boombah cravings.

My mini burrito of choice is Guzman Y Gomez’s “Mini-B” ($6.90). It’s always a good day when lunch is a Mini B.

Recently, a new section of the Suncorp building food court opened up and as a CBD worker, this kind of news excites me. I was also told by my number one food spy aka FFKF that there was a promising looking new burrito joint: “The Original California Burrito Company”.


Everyone knows that Mexican food as we know it originated in California (What, did you think it came from Mexico? How silly of you), so the name itself drew me in.

In my head I was thinking dirty, sloppy, legit LA food truck style burritos. Not that I’ve ever eaten a burrito in LA, but you know, from like movies and stuff. Also, I was told that there was a $5.95 “Snack Burrito” on the menu which is almost a WHOLE DOLLAR cheaper than the Mini B.

I got there and there was a massive crowd, but no line for the counter. I didn’t realise until it was too late that this actually meant there was a serious burrito construction backlog and I’d be waiting 20 minutes for my lunch.


I get that this place is new, but there were 3 people in the burrito assembly line who really should have been wearing “Hi! I’m in training so please be patient.” badges so we could have been more forgiving of them. The final guy in the line was the main bottleneck, he was folding tortillas around the  burrito filling with the level of care you would use if you were wrapping a present…. FOR THE QUEEN. Not saying I don’t appreciate a lovingly constructed burrito but DON’T TAKE THE JOKE TOO FAR.


So I patiently waited patiently for 20 minutes and ended up with this (Post-it note included in photo for perspective).


This is not a “mini” burrito. This is not even a “snack” burrito. This is a Mexican dumpling. *Hanger rising…*


On first bite, it tastes pretty good – the jalapeños give it a good kick and they use Mexican tomato rice instead of plain, which adds some nice flavour. But they go overboard with the sour cream which makes the whole thing taste cold, and the chicken tastes dry and no where near saucy enough. And the worst thing, in a few more bites – it’s already gone and I’m still hungry.

So my advice is to stick with the other Mexican fast foods franchises you know and love – because this place is not worth your time. I ordered a chicken burrito, but I noticed they use ground beef  (ugh, if I want a crappy mincemeat burrito, I’ll just make one at home) and don’t even have the variety that Mad Mex and Guzmans offer (eg. pulled pork or beef steak). No me gusta.

The Original California Burrito Company
Suncorp building food court
259 George Street, Sydney 

The Original California Burrito Company on Urbanspoon

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3 thoughts on “Me Gusta Pequeño Burritos

  1. FFKF says:

    “…fun afternoon of burrito-flavoured burps…” – love it! hahaha

  2. rachelmjkim says:

    I was so excited! Now I know not to go…

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