Easter Eggs

It is very rarely that I cook something worth posting on this blog. But on Saturday of this Easter weekend, I had a stroke of genius.


The baked eggs at Element 6 reminded me of the clay plates I bought a while ago for a failed tapas night I hosted. With the tapas plates and the very little we had in our fridge… I felt I had just enough to pull something off.

So I did something I never do in the kitchen… improvised.

We had a few overripe tomatoes and half spanish onion (from salads I never made), half a bulb of garlic (I have learnt to ALWAYS have garlic handy), eggs (of course, eggs are like water to me), and a chorizo sausage, parsley and curry powder left over from a sweet potato and chorizo soup Matt had made a few days before (which is an entirely different story…)

I chucked everything (except the eggs) in a saucepan.


When things got nice and mushy, I transferred the tomato mix into the tapas plates and made a big hole in the middle for the eggs.


And then into the oven at 150 degrees.


We also had some “unleavened bread” left over from our Good Friday holy communion. Is that weird? Not at all right? I mean, why waste perfectly good bread! And without this, we only had a couple stale pita pockets to use for bread. So I saw this left over bread on our kitchen counter and thanked God for his daily acts of provision.


Finished product after about half an hour in the oven. Looks pretty good for a dish made from scraps!


The perfect Easter brunch.

WELL…. perfect looking. It wouldn’t be Heather’s cooking without at least one major stuff-up. The eggs were over-cooked and pretty much hard boiled. I should have kept them in the oven at 150 – but after 20 minutes and the egg whites were still clear, I got impatient and cranked the temp up to 220. Stupid move.

Still delicious though – and so easy! Baked eggs will from now on be a regular on the Hong kitchen table.

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