Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester


I have just been incredibly, unforgivably lazy. But I’ve got to get my act together because memories of honeymoon dining are quickly becoming stale and dream-like. I think I may have to do these in a quick and dirty photo-dump style. SO! Without further ado, here is the epic, THREE michelin-starred ALAIN DUCASSE AT THE DORCHESTER!!!

London London London. Completely worn out from site-seeing and walking our legs off in Paris, we decided to go high-roller in London and just take cabs everywhere. We only had two days there and I had lunch, dinner and a show booked both days so there was no time to lose! It was basically cab-in, eat eat eat, cab-out. So fresh off the Eurostar and looking completely bummy we headed to The Dorchester – one of those hotels whose fanciness cannot be described in words, but we were too rushed to take any photos unfortunately.

The Alain Ducasse restaurant has a much more minimalist and modern approach to decor, which frankly in comparison to the hotel lobby, was a bit boring. Except for this shiny curtain enclosed private dining area! I believe this is where Will would take Kate for date night.

Before I begin, I need to let you know that the following meal cost 55 pounds per person. Yes. Three michelin stars, three courses, two glasses of wine, and ALL the bells and whistles (as you will see). I think I may have found the best value fine dining experience OF ALL TIME.

Each table is decorated with a white ceramic vegetable. Ours was cauliflower.

Beautiful illustrated plates.

My bread selection. Olive on the left, bacon on the right.

21st century bread basket. One of my new fine dining rules: bread must always involve a choice.

YES that is a plate of gougères and NO we did not order them and YES we ate them alllllll!! Free-licious!

Oh, whipped cream cheese for our bread? Why, thank you!

Salted butter ball

Our amuse bouche. Served in a DUCK EGG SHAPED BOWL.

Duck egg filled with a foie gras mousse and parmesan foam.

Fancy just isn’t fancy without a knife-stand!

My entree: Soft-boiled QUAIL EGGS, delicate brandade, “purple” dressing.

For the husband: DUCK and FOIE GRAS “pâté en croûte”, mango chutney

And in my continuing love affair with perfectly cooked fish: Fillet of SEA BREAM “à la grenobloise” – French for sauce of browned butter, capers, parsley, and  lemon. Divine.

Matt’s main which I neglected to take a photo of before he started eating: Braised VEAL knuckle, Swiss chards, black olive jus. “Swiss chard”, which showed up so often on our honeymoon, is actually another word for Silverbeet. Which we used to grow like weeds in our farm plots in high school. And then we’d harvest them and let them rot in our fridges because our mothers had no idea what to do with them! Should have exported to Europe.

I think this was my favourite part of the meal. The completely over the the top pre-dessert petit fours. Beautiful chocolates, gold-leaf and sugar encrusted nuts, a BOWL of macaroons (better, in my opinion, than Laduree) and individually wrapped nougat.

Not ashamed to admit that I smuggled some of these items into my handbag for later.


Matts Contemporary VACHERIN – a French dessert of meringue filled with cream and fruit. Served in a giant lolly-shaped bowl!!!!

This was my favourite meal of the honeymoon. Three stars is certainly three stars for a reason: faultless food and service. And, I’ll say it again, SUCH GOOD VALUE!

Though two glasses of wine was a bit too much for super-lightweight me. And we hadn’t yet learnt to say no to the aperitif at this point. Thinking about the state I was in by the end of the meal, it’s a wonder that I have any memory of it at all…

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3 thoughts on “Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

  1. Jin says:

    I am sooooo jealous of your Alain Ducasse pics! It looks absolutely divine!

  2. FFKF says:

    I have to confess that when I saw “Dorchester”, I thought of that cafe that Dan T gets his lunch from ;p haha – sorry!

    but it does look awesome – you know you’re onto a winner when you could’ve gotten full from just the FREE stuff!!!

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