Paris food moments

Despite having about 50 cafes/restaurants/bistros tagged on my custom Paris Google Map, we didn’t end up going anywhere else fancy during our stay there. Too much running around trying to squeeze in as many sights as possible … I’m ashamed to admit it but we actually ended up eating Quick Burger twice during our four day stay… criminal I know.

So here is the rest of our Paris food journey in bits and pieces!

A rainbow of Macarons from Laduree. Beautiful to look at… but I can’t say these were the best macarons I’ve ever tasted – Laduree is so popular now, it has franchises everywhere and the macarons had a bit of a mass-produced feeling about them. With neither Matt nor I being big sweet tooths… we ended up taking one bite each of each macaron and throwing them out. I would have brought them back for you all if it was possible!!

The next day we bought a baguette from Paul and some pork rillettes from a supermarket for a simple lunch, eaten on the balustrade at Versailles. Rillettes spread on crispy fresh baguette… SO DELICIOUS. Rillettes is a meat paste similar to Pate, except that it still has chunks of meat in it – impossible to find in Sydney but easily found in the smallgoods section in every Parisian supermarket. French supermarkets have varieties of pate in the same way that we have varieties of processed cheese… *sigh*. I would say I wish I was born French… but God knows that if I was, I’d be obese and already suffering from all kinds of heart disease.


Also, am I right in thinking that even the best Sydney bakeries can’t make baguettes like they do in Paris? The baguettes are so perfectly crispy on the outside and cushiony soft on the inside. I always find that the baguettes here are either too chewy or are so hard that they tear up your gums when you try to eat them. If someone finds a good local baguette, please let me know! (I visited Taste Baguette this week just to test out this hypothesis and the roof of my mouth is still recovering!)

Taking a break in one of the many maze-like gardens in Versailles with another French classic – Nutella crepes!

The next morning was paid a visit to Quatrehomme fromagerie – we took the Metro to Vaneau purely for this famed cheese shop I discovered after Googling “best cheese shop in Paris”. It’s a fantastic little store with a massive selection of fromage that makes it almost impossible to choose.

The girl there was very friendly and helpful despite the language barrier and helped us choose “something French” (a hard sheep’s milk cheese), “your favourite” (the Brie) and “something blue” (the classic Roquefort). We also bought some Jamon, a can of pate and a bottle of Riesling. A baguette from Paul completed our very French picnic, which we wolfed down on the balcony of the Palais Garnier opera house. Best Brie I’ve ever eaten.

Oh dear look at the melty golden brie!!! Makes my mouth water just looking at it…

Funny story about the bottle of Riesling – thanks to a very dodgy 3 Euro keychain corkscrew, we ended up just ripping up the cork and couldn’t for the life of us open up the wine. So we had to regretfully throw out the bottle in a garbage bin on the street to lighten our bags for some shopping. About an hour later, we walked past a very very happy bum, enjoying a drink from the very same bottle of wine. At least it didn’t go to waste!!!

There was a little fete around the Eiffel tower and we thought we would try some street food – I don’t remember what this was called and no amount of Googling “French sausage and vegetable street food” has helped me figure it out!! But OMG, so fatty fat fat delicious – bite sized sausage pieces and bacon bits with fried onions and capsicum and of coouurrsseee fries.

And finally, my last meal in Paris. The restaurant we wanted to go to was closed, so we just sat down at a random bistro on our way to the Musee D’orsay. I noticed that French people don’t really eat at these bistros… they just drink wine and smoke cigarettes. So unsurprisingly, the food was pretty average but who cares, it’s duck, at a bistro, in paris, it could have tasted like rubber and I would have been happy still.

So that was the end of Paris. It was only four days but it really hurt my heart to leave. Of all the places I’ve visited in the world, Paris is the city I’m most eager to return to. I’ve already got restaurants lined up for my next visit! But for now, au revoir 😉

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