Paul Qui wins Top Chef and proves that…

SO HAPPY that Paul won !! He may not be Korean (alas Ed and Bev didn’t make it to the top two) BUT he definitely deserved the title – he pretty much out-cooked everyone throughout the entire season, had already won thousands upon thousands of dollars by the finale by kicking ass in all the challenges and did it all without back-stabbing, b*tching, or being a cocky d-bag. Totally humble and lovely guy (and it can’t be easy to look humble and lovely on reality TV) and won the competition with pure talent and his integrity in tact. A real Asian underdog story …  Paul failed out of college and always felt like his parents were disappointed in him. But now he’s won Top Chef, $125,000++ and most importantly… made his dad proud. And the one thing that’s actually better than winning the title of Top Chef is seeing your…

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One thought on “Paul Qui wins Top Chef and proves that…

  1. ed vee says:

    They’re even cuter and better in crying….

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