The Baron, Castle Hill

The hipster cafe has finally moved from the likes of Annandale and Surry Hills to the suburbs!! Complete with chalkboard, polaroids, and rockabilly hairstyles.

The Baron is a new cafe slash small bar in the very strange location of outside Castle Towers near the taxi stands, right next to Games Workshop. It would make more sense if its target clientele was hungry geeks worn out from hours of figurine painting needing a caffeine fix – but I don’t think that’s quite who they’re aiming for.

Water served in Wild Turkey bottles! I love. A lotta bourbon musta been drunk to empty out these babies.

The cafe’s name is actually drawn from local history, which is an interesting quirk that gives the place some extra character.

Relics from the Baron’s life  – the map that guided him to Australia, the head of an Indian he shot during his travels to the Americas and the pistol that he shot him with.

The sewing machine his wife used to mend the Baron’s clothes and the filing cabinet he used to store his catalogue of poems.

The menu. On a clipboard! I think hipster cafes must single-handedly keep the recycled brown paper industry alive.


My purple cappuccino – with chocolate flakes!!!! There should be a worldwide movement to replace all chocolate powder with chocolate flakes… it makes such a difference – flakes are so melty and delicious!

My friend’s roast beef sandwich served on a wooden paddle. I’m told it was delicious. The sandwiches here a really good size – big enough for a light lunch (+ coffee) but not like those ridiculously caloriffic sandwich-on-steriods you find at a lot of cafes these days. And at $8.50, you’re cheering!

My BLAT. Also $8.50. Not as epic as I thought it would be – I came to the Baron after seeing Chocolate Suze’s post on it  and her BLAT was huuuuggggeeeeeee!!!!! And her bacon much curlier. Not to say it wasn’t tasty but I did feel a teeney bit rorted.

The menu here is minimal, but the coffee is quite good and the super-cute vintage decor does make it a great place to catch up with a girlfriend if you happen to be near Castle Hill – or painting figurines next door.

The Baron 
Shop 461
Castle Towers
Castle Hill  
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9 thoughts on “The Baron, Castle Hill

  1. Gianna@theemptyfridge says:

    I’ve been tempted to drive down since seeing suze’s post and now you’ve convinced me to as well-that blat is humongous!

    • Heather says:

      Hi Gianna! The photo is a little bit deceiving – the sandwich is definitely not humungous. It’s more a “cute” size – but it is delicious!

  2. FFKF says:


    re: “I think hipster cafes must single-handedly keep the recycled brown paper industry alive.” – i think you’re doing a pretty good job in keeping them going too! ;p

  3. nawww shame about the size of your one but the blat sure is tasty 😛

  4. this place looks so cool. love the decor and sizes of those mega sandwiches big enough to feed an army 🙂

    • Heather says:

      Hi Simon! Yes it is v. cool BUT I feel like I should put a disclaimer on those photos – the sandwiches are not mega! They are very very moderate sized! I hope people aren’t disappointed going there after seeing the photos because the place really is very nice.

  5. […] Cottage, like The Baron, must be owned by young hipsters who cleverly save money on the fit-out by taking a shabby-chic […]

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