Dirt Cheap Lunch Challenge #2

Lunchtime is EASILY the best part of the day. But you know what makes lunch even MORE fun??? DIRT CHEAP LUNCH CHALLENGE!!

Initially, I only added “challenge” to the title of this series because it sounded catchy. But the other day, as I was marching to meet my friend for lunch, with nothing but five bucks in my wallet and a world of dirt cheap possibilities in front of me – I felt like a girl on a mission! In the morning, I had debated whether or not to pack my lunch because I knew the food court where we had arranged to meet (MLC Centre) would not have a lot of dirt cheap options – but then I thought, hold up, a challenge isn’t mean to be easy! I am going to circle this high-roller food court like a hungry vulture until my mission is complete!!

So I did two thorough laps of the food court and the options were truly DISMAL. Unless I wanted to eat a stick of garlic bread or a tofu fritter… the under $5 options were pretty much non-existant. I also realised that if I raise my limit to $6.50 it would make my job a lot easier – but again –  a true challenge is NEVER easy! So I finally decided on a vegetarian pastie from “Live Organic”. It looked fresher than the mass-produced stuff at Muffin Break, but because pastry is teetering on the edge of my “no junk food” rule, I chose vegetarian over the other (much yummier sounding) meat options.

Vegetarian Pastie from Live Organic – $4.50 

Mmmmm not the filling I was expecting!! I was thinking more along the lines of school canteen pastie packed with big chunks of potato, peas and carrot. It was more of a vegie strew in there – lots of tomato, carrot and capsicum. It was just o-kay – and it wasn’t large but it carried me over to dinnertime…. with a little help from 3 Kit Kat fingers, two big handfuls of popcorn and the promise of ramen for dinner.

But this is a challenge. And if my opponent is the high-roller uptown food court, I’ll have to concede that I was bested in this particular battle. You had me this time but one day… one day CHEAPNESS WILL PREVAIL!

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