schmalentines day duck

I am really good at Anti-Valentines Day. Both as a single and non-single. Two of my favourite Valentines Days were spoofs rather than celebrations.

A long way back, I invited all my single girlfriends to my place for V Day and we ate away our loneliness with cheese AND chocolate fondue and watched the most unromantic, ball-busting movie we could find: Kill Bill 1 & 2. We felt so alternative.

A few years later, Matt was away somewhere so a few mates and I organised a “Schmalentines Day Party” where we invited both single guys and girls, feasted on home-baked pizza and ended with a surprise quest where we paired our guests up randomly and sent them on “Amazing Date” which included missions like:

  • Take a convincing “kissing” photo (with or) without actually kissing
  • Do a fake REJECTED proposal in a public, complete with shocked/embarassed/heartbroken look
  • Change your Facebook relationship status to “In a Relationship” with your partner

Everyone was such a good sport (prize was two movie tickets for the winning couple) and it turned out to be a raging success – plenty of incriminating photos taken and Facebook scandals stirred up.  It never happened again which is a shame because it was great, irreverent fun.

The point of this story is that I thought I was really good at Anti-Valentines Day. Until yesterday, Valentines Day 2012, when the only rose I got was from a Chinese Restaurant.

Thank you Top Taste Chinese Restaurant. And yes, I will be your valentine.

Last year, being broke and 5-years into the relationship, Matt and I thought we would be “cool” and “anti-establishment” so we started a tradition of cheap chinese food and no presents for Valentines day. There was no agreement on “no flowers” but I think Matt assumed it was bundled into the “no presents” rule.

Last year was fine. THIS year I realised that while there is a special kind of pain you feel as a single on Valentines Day, there is another kind of pain when you’re not single but don’t receive any flowers on Valentines Day. The whole day was like a sad Bridget Jones montage where everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful flowers, girls carrying beautiful flowers, boys carrying beautiful flowers, couriers delivering beautiful flowers. I know its just a made-up Hallmark holiday that actually holds no meaning and is just an excuse for restaurants and florists to hike up their prices. I’d really like to be above it all, but lets face it, I’m not that big of a person.  Cheap chinese and no gifts I can handle but the no flowers rule is officially abolished and replaced with the “NO GIRL SHOULD BE DENIED FLOWERS ON VALENTINES DAY” rule.

This would be a good time to segue into the food part of this post. Our cheap chinese of choice this year was peking duck at Top Taste Chinese Restaurant, North Rocks (on recommendation from FFKF). Super local for us, I was hoping that this first date with Top Taste would be the start of a long and fulfilling relationship.

Being an unassuming local chinese joint, it obviously wouldn’t be the most popular choice for a V Day date but in spite of that, the restaurant still went to the effort of putting up some cute decorations. I thought that was really sweet.

Two hearts... two hearts that beat as one

I do love me some duck but I’m not really a seasoned Peking Duck eater. In fact, I’ve never had a duck carved right at my table – until yesterday.

Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills... You know, like nunchuku skills, computer hacking skills, duck carving skills...

This guy was amazing. I couldn’t stop watching him – even when he carved up the duck three other times for the tables around us. I was hypnotized – watching the skin and flesh just fall off the bone… the juices dripping down the duck….. oh man makes me want to draw all sorts of inappropriate analogies.

Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones. Turn in to something beautiful...

How YOU doin'?

The duck head really does add drama, its like “Hey, if you’re gonna eat me, look me in the eyes and do it!”

How do I love thee? Let me count the pancakes...

12 in total! Very generous. Soft and delicate, apparently these are house-made (instead of store bought).

Be my friend, hold me, wrap me up, unfold me

I have no other words but NOM NOM.

My duck pancake had me so excited that I dribbled hoisin sauce down my cream silk shirt on first bite. I wore a bib made out of napkin for the rest of the night – tres elegant. True love is when your girlfriend wears a big paper bib in public and you still want to marry her.

Build me up, lettuce cup, don't break my heart

We were SO FULL at this point the Sang Choy Bow was superfluous. Next time, I think I’ll order the alternative fried noodles as the second course and doggy bag it home for lunch the next day.

Such good value at just $53 for the entire duck (two courses). Considering how much food there was, we cleaned it up pretty well…

But the question remained… what to do with the duck head? Matt detests food wastage of any sort… so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

the things we do for love…. 

Top Taste Chinese Restaurant
Shop 86 – 88 Westfield Shopping Town
328-336 North Rocks Road
North Rocks 

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4 thoughts on “schmalentines day duck

  1. FFKF says:

    LOVE that last photo – the things we do for blog! ;p

  2. […] anniversary was worthy of proper celebration. This was not an occasion for the Tollgate Hotel or Top Taste Chinese Restaurant, it was time for a fine dining revival. To relive the heyday of our honeymoon and just forget about […]

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