The perfect savoury snack?

This is my current food obsession – following a recommendation from a friend at work, I’ve recently discovered the GLORY that is avocado and Vegemite on toast.

The combination sounded a bit odd to me at first… but I was driven by scarcity because I’d run out of margarine and didn’t have anything else to butter up my morning Vegemite toast. After the first bite…. Avocado + Vegemite officially entered the Hall of Fame of inexplicably perfect food pairings – it now joins the ranks of Sour Cream + Sweet Chilli Sauce, French Fries + Soft Serve and Potato Crisps + White Bread. The creamy, nutty fattiness of the Avocado smoothing out the salty Vegemite on a crunchy piece of warm toast… I think I’ve found the perfect savoury snack.

I’ve eaten this almost every day since my revelation – which was early last week. Above is a photo of today’s office lunch. It is also good for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea, and supper. From one perspective it’s carbs,salt and butter but from another it’s a generous serving of vegetable, one of the world’s richest sources of Vitamin B and a good portion of energy for brain function – so I think it legitimately qualifies as a “health food” 🙂

I wouldn’t dare interrupt this intimate Avo/Vegemite love affair but if you MUST I imagine a squeeze of lemon juice, tomato slices or some soft cheese would also go well. If you’re un-Australian and aren’t a Vegemite fan… I suggest Avocado on toast with a bit of lemon juice and generous pink of salt and pepper – SO MUCH deliciousness for so little effort.

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9 thoughts on “The perfect savoury snack?

  1. paul y says:

    interesting combo – not sure about the cheese suggestion tho. lol. have you tried dried chilli with orange slices? one of my mexican friends introduced it to me. it’s awesome. =)

    • Heather says:

      Paul are you still in transit? If you’re commenting whilst on holiday…. wow you really are a true friend haha

      You should just stuff your face with cheese every day in Paris until you like it. Seriously… what kind of person doesn’t like cheese.

      And no haven’t tried dried chilli with orange… dried whole chilli with fresh orange? Or just chilli flakes?

  2. Zac says:

    i tried this the other day (but with cheesybite) – nice! and french fries with soft serve – great call 🙂

  3. betty says:

    this is yum!!
    i also love singles cheese lettuce and vegemite sandwich- yum

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