The second best thing about Newcastle (Part 1)

What’s the best thing about Newcastle? The beaches, obviously.

But what if it rains? What if the ONE summer mini-break you’ve looked forward to for weeks just happens to fall on the two days of the holidays that are cold, windy and rainy?

Then you have the revert to the second best thing – the food.

And the third best thing? There is no third best thing. There is seriously NOTHING else to see/do/experience in Newcastle. For the second largest city in NSW… it doesn’t have much to show for it. Sorry Novocastrians… but seriously, Canberra could give your sleepy port city a run for its money.

But back to the food. As ALWAYS I did my pre-travel research and sussed out the best places to eat. This is Part 1. From my Googling, it does seem like Newcastle has a pretty neat choice to breakfast joints – but I went for the “local favourite” Goldbergs on Darby St. First impressions were good – shabby run-down charm, vintage posters on the wall, massive chalkboard menu and hand-roasted coffee!

We were there for Brunch, which means two meals in one, so we were ready to PIG-OUT.

I was tempted to order the big breakfast but with a wedding in less than four months, I thought going for something marginally less glutt0nous would make me feel less guilty.

So I decided on the omelette – a risky choice for me coz I’ve been burnt before – I have traumatic memories of a chorizo omelette in a cafe on DeGraves St, Melbourne that was bland and unsatisfying.

I chose the vegetarian omelette (fetta, sundried tomatoes, spanish onion, spinach…) but ordered two chipolata on the side as a back up plan JUST IN CASE blandness was repeated.

Are you ready for this? I hope you’re not hungry because if you are… your stomache might scream as you scroll down….

oh. my. omelette. This was one epic omelette AND THEN SOME. A toasted and buttered bread roll, grilled tomato…. EXTRA cheese melted through the egg – I swear there must have been half a dozen eggs in this monster. The chipolata were completely superfluous – but I ate it all anyway. Believe me, I am a seasoned cafe breakfast eater but I think this is the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten out. DE-RICIOUS!

The hand-roasted speciality coffee was great too… but honestly I don’t have a great palate for coffee – anything with full cream milk tastes good to me.

Anyway GOLDBERGS – remember the name, it’s a must visit if you’re ever in Newcastle. Pig out on breakfast and walk it off window shopping at the cute little indie stores down Darby St. And go for a swim later if the weather permits.

Goldbergs Coffee House
137 Darby Street
Newcastle NSW 2300

Goldbergs on Urbanspoon

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One thought on “The second best thing about Newcastle (Part 1)

  1. Jin says:

    that’s one epic omelette!

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