Ugly & Delicious

I was planning to make The Stone Soup’s “Unusual and Insanely Delicious Birthday Cake” for Matt’s birthday dinner party a few weeks ago, but our neighbour kindly gave us a lovely ready-made cake on the very afternoon I was going to make it. I was secretly cheering because my wife-skills just aren’t at a point yet where I can elegantly pull off BOTH a dinner and a dessert.

I was still keen to make this cake though – and I figured I could do it after work some day. It only has five ingredients, takes about 5 minutes to prep and then into the oven for 40-50 minutes. But the days went by, and Matt, to my horror, eventually ate one packet of croissants without realising I was saving it for the cake.

The other night, I was eager to get into some ice cream after dinner when Matt sheepishly admitted he had finished it all. Uh, I was pretty sure there was more than half the tub left the last time I checked – WHICH WAS ONLY A FEW DAYS AGO!

But when life gives you an absence of ice cream, make your own dessert right? So I took out the remaining croissants and rage-cooked Stone Soup’s cake. Ideally, you would use large, luxurious croissants fresh from your local patisserie – but my local patisserie is Coles so I made do with a 3 pack that, by this time, was a about a week past its best-by date. No signs of mould yet so, TOTALLY safe to cook with right?

I chopped up my croissants, soaked then in a mix of cream, eggs and sugar and then layered them in a tin with scattered chunks of Lindt 70%.

50 minutes later:


Mushy croissant with smears of brown chocolate – definitely not the prettiest thing in the word!

It’s less of a “cake” and more of a “pudding”. A fatty boombah bread pudding – custard, pastry and chocolate oh yes. Delicious! I knew this was going to be a foolproof winner. Being so very ugly, probably best made¬†to be privately enjoyed¬†rather than something to impress dinner party guests. Though Jules’ version is much much more handsome.

Would have been great with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. But somebody ate it all.

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3 thoughts on “Ugly & Delicious

  1. FFKF says:

    Yes, Stonesoup’s is a whole lot prettier! But it sure looks yummy!

  2. Rach says:

    When I though bread and butter pudding couldn’t get any fattier…whoever thought to use croissants and chuck in chocolate for good measure…

  3. abyuuun says:

    haha classic matt, zero noonchi

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